Life Church is a growing family of people from across East Lancashire who are passionate about
Jesus and the transforming work God is doing in the lives of individuals and communities.

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  • Faith over Fear

Encounters with Jesus: #6 Pentecost

Acts 2 50 days after the Passover festival Jesus followers were gathering together in an upper room in Jerusalem. Jesus had told them to wait there, promising to send His Holy Spirit. On this 50th day, the festival of [...]

Dared To Love Week

Dared to Love is a week long mission, designed to equip us as a community to show and share God's love through 5 theme's. Each day Life Church will be posting video devotions along with the dares to our [...]

Encounters with Jesus: #5 The Great Commission

Matthew 28 v 16-20 At this point in the story, Jesus has appeared to many people on multiple occasions; proving He is risen! Then, the 11 disciples (remember at this point Judas has taken his own life) went to [...]

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