In the middle of the storm, in the deep of night, when all hope seems lost, in the darkest moments of human history, when death seemed to have Jesus the Christ in its grasp – God was in control.

In your fear, in your anxiety, in your panic, in the middle of your story – God is in control.

One of the ancient names for God is Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. Nothing bigger, nothing stronger, He is before and after, within, above and beyond. He is provider and our provision, He is our All in All!

A few years ago I was in Cape Town, South Africa and came face to face with Table Mountain. Its majesty was breaktaking. Sometimes you would forget its presence and then turn a corner and ‘WOW’ it was there again. Constant, strong, immovable, majestic, ancient.

Today, PAUSE, breathe. Remember God is like that mighty mountain, constant, unshaking, majestic, above all, strong, enduring. You can rely on God, you can put your trust in the Almighty, even if you have forgotten His presence, He is still there.

Today, whatever you are facing, remember God is in Control!