Dared to Love is a week long mission, designed to equip us as a community to show and share God’s love through 5 theme’s. Each day Life Church will be posting video devotions along with the dares to our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

As part of our mission week on Wednesday 20th May the Life Church premises will be open from 12pm – 5pm for you to come and donate food items to Burnley Together. Burnley Together have specifically requested pasta, baked beans and nappies but all donations are welcome. All drop offs will be collected in the car park and we will be maintaining social distancing when you come with your donation. Please do come along as we seek to show and share God’s love to our neighbours across the town.

Below are the themes and challenges for each day:

Mon: Encouragement

At home: Write a personal “thank you” or appreciation note for a family member and leave it somewhere in the house where they will find it.
Online: Post a Bible verse that encourages you.
Neighbours: Text or call someone and tell them how they are encouraging or inspiring you right now.

Tues: Service

At home: Take over a household chore that someone else usually does.
Online: Offer to do a video call to someone who lives on their own.
Neighbours: Offer to tidy a neighbour’s garden or drop off a meal.

Wed: Compassion

At home: Ring an elderly relative to see how they are.
Online: Share something to raise awareness for mental health week to support those with mental health challenges.
Neighbours: Add items to your next shopping list to donate to your local foodbank.

Thurs: Generosity

At home: Setup a jar in your home to collect money for a charity or cause.
Online: Donate to a cause you care about and post a link that others could use to donate as well.
Neighbours: Order a treat online to be delivered to a friend.

Fri: Invitation

Text: Call or tag friends in posts online to invite them to any of the following:
Watch The Weekly
Attend Life Group online
Join a Quiz Night (organised with members of your Life Group)