Acts 2

50 days after the Passover festival Jesus followers were gathering together in an upper room in Jerusalem. Jesus had told them to wait there, promising to send His Holy Spirit.

On this 50th day, the festival of Pentecost was beginning and something special happened. These 120 disciples were praying, as they prayed they were filled with power and boldness. Their prayer meeting spilled out into the streets and the apostle Peter preached a sermon which gave birth to the Church.

This Church was marked by radical generosity, loving kindness, Jesus teaching, miracles, healings, an open table of communion and growth as people were responding to the gospel everyday!

As I think about their experience of the Holy Spirit, I think about these five P’s:


Jesus promises that His followers will be filled with His power to witnesses to His gospel message (Acts 1 v 8). Even in our weakness and lack, God can fill us with His power to do remarkable things for His glory!


The Holy Spirit had been poured out on specific people for specific purposes throughout history but the prophet Joel said one day the Holy Spirit would be poured out on all people. This was that day, this first Pentecost, the promised Holy Spirit was being poured out on men and women, young and old. If you’ve ever been disappointed or felt let down then today remember, God promised to send His Holy Spirit and He did, and He will do it again!


God is with us now and forever by His Holy Spirit! If you ever feel alone or abandoned then remember Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us! You can know His presence today, invite Him into your day right now! “Come, Holy Spirit!”


When Jesus prayed for His followers to first receive the Holy Spirit in John 20, He gave them His Peace! If you’re experiencing fear or anxiety then right now you can recieve His PEACE!


When the Holy Spirit fills us, He adds Super to our natural. Our normal lives can be transformed to become extraordinary lives! Our days that can sometimes feel chaotic or meaningless can be filled with divine purpose!

Today, you can have an encounter with Jesus by inviting His Holy Spirit into your life.

PRAY; Holy Spirit we thank you that you are the fulfilment of Jesus’ Promise to us. We welcome you to fill us with your Power, fill us with your Peace, give us the gift of Purpose, help us to know your Presence in Jesus name and for your Glory God we pray, AMEN!