Life Church Value: A Well Led Community

Churches should be led humbly by men and women with leadership gifts and an awareness of their accountability to God and role as stewards of the body whose head is Christ.

An an incorporated UK registered charity, Life Church has a board of Directors who are responsible for its affairs to deal with practical matters. All our departments, events, service teams, and small groups are led by people who are part of the church. All of this activity is overseen by our Senior Leadership Team.

Senior Leadership Team

Kelli Brunton

Originally from the USA, Kelli has spent more than a decade as a missionary to the British Isles. She works as the national Training Director for Pais in the UK, and lives locally in the Ribble Valley with her husband Matt (pictured) and their two sons.

Jeff & Trish Brunton

Jeff has been part of Life Church’s leadership for over 30 years and Senior Minister since 1999. He has a wealth of experience in local church leadership and is supported by his wife Trish who oversees pastoral care. Between them they have three children and two grandchildren.

Pete & Bryony Baker

In addition to their responsibilities as Associate Leaders, Pete and Bryony serve as National Directors of the Pais Movement whose UK head office is based at Life Church. They have a huge heart for people. With their two daughters, they live in rural Burnley.