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Training Courses

Life Church Value: An Authentic Community

Helping people live the Christian life with integrity in a non-religious, relational and practical way.

Intro to Biblical Studies


A series of free, interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith. Each week includes food, a short film, and small group discussion.

Duration: 10 sessions.
Next course begins: September 2019.

Intro to Biblical Studies

Beginning with an introduction to the Bible, this course then provides you with the tools to read, study, and understand Scripture for yourself.

Duration: 4 sessions.


Any parent of children aged 0 to 10 will benefit from taking the time to reflect on the practical tips and proven wisdom on offer at our parenting course.

Duration: 3 sessions.

Money without the worry
Marriage Course

Money Without The Worry

In this three week course on personal finances, we will show you how to take control of your money, move forward financially, and plan ahead for the future.

Duration: 3 sessions.

The Mission Course

Discover more about the mission of God, more about yourself, and how you can practically get involved in exciting local mission opportunities.

Duration: 3 sessions.

Marriage Course

If you’re married or engaged then make sure you join us for a few short weeks to make a huge investment in your most important relationship.

Duration: 3 sessions.

What’s your next step?


Find a small group or discover more about our kids, youth, and other departments.

Local Mission

Get involved in practically serving Burnley and East Lancashire.

Play your part

If you’re part of the family then we invite you to contribute by serving on a team and giving financially.