Impacting the Nation: National Mission

Life Church’s influence has allowed us to help and inspire local churches across the country.

Our key strategic partnership to influence the Nation is with the Pais Movement in Great Britain and Ireland who are based at Life Church—hosting conferences, training, and the head office. This privilege is allowing us to send scores of young missionaries, from around the world, across the nation every year.

Impacting the Nations: International Mission



In Toba Tek Singh, an area where many children have no access to free education, Life Church founded the ‘Brighter Future School’ with local partners. 65 children are now receiving free education, uniforms, daily food, and teaching materials.



Over the years we have supported many projects across Europe and the world including church planting, aid relief, leadership training, and long-term missionary families. As the home of Pais GB, we have also helped to birth Pais in the nations of Brazil, India, and South Africa.

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