The City

The City is a tool to help us build ‘A Networked Community’, that reflects our values, across East Lancashire. Simply put, it is the people and groups of our church online.

We are ‘creating a community within, to reach the community beyond’ as we lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


Why should I join The City?

The people and groups in The City are the people and groups who make up our church. Every part of The City is designed to lead us into deeper community, with tools that build connection and encourage growth, as we share the light of Jesus with each other and the world.


What is there to do in The City?

Plenty! Groups in The City help you stay connected to the life of the church, grow deeper in community and be more effective in the mission. Growth tools help you grow spiritually: from the journal to scripture memory to finding opportunities to serve others. You can also circulate prayer requests and pray for others, share resources in the Marketplace, organise help to meet a need, plan an event and invite people, or message anyone from Life Church. It’s a great way to stay connected throughout the week as you can keep in the loop through one simple ‘daily digest’ email.

There’s also a mobile app so you can access The City on your phone.


Need help?

If you’re ever unsure of how to do something in The City, or if you experience something unexpected, you can use the Help Center to find an answer. If you can’t find a suitable answer on your own, it’s simple to ask for more help and a real person from Life Church, who is trained in using The City, will get back to you.


Join/login to The City.