Schools Team

Since 2009, Life Church has been the home of Pais in Great Britain—a national base for the Pais Movement—an international missions organisation that works on every continent, primarily with young people and in schools.

Pais sends out missionaries who show and share the love of God, and train others to do the same. In the last year alone, over thirty-six thousand young people have heard about Jesus in their school and more than one thousand young people have been involved in local mission, thanks to the of work Pais across England.

It is our privilege at Life Church to host the Pais GB national office, the Pais Burnley schools team, and training conferences and events throughout the year, including the upcoming Pais GB Graduation, taking place on Saturday the 15th of July at 3pm.

Pais GB Graduation 2016

Through our unique partnership with Pais GB, Life Church is able to impact communities up and down our nation with the good news of Jesus. Each of us has the opportunity to play our part in making Life Church a home for this missionary movement.

‘Home’ is, of course, much more than a building. Home is the sum of the love, encouragement, and support that we receive from our family—including practical things like cooked meals, a place to sleep, and a lift from Dad’s taxi company from time to time!

Could you help send missionaries across Great Britain & Ireland by helping with any of the following?

  • Accommodation – do you have a spare room that you could offer on either a long term basis (one year for a member of our national team) or on a short term basis (up to two weeks for delegates at our training conferences)?
  • Transport – as the number of apprentices joining Pais GB from overseas increases, so do the number of journeys to and from Manchester airport. We’re looking for friendly faces to help with lifts.
  • Care – during our conferences there are times when some of our apprentices need a little extra care. For example, if they are unwell they may need a trip to the walk-in clinic.
  • Food – during our events and conferences we have the challenge of feeding around one hundred people and need help with preparing these meals.
  • Regular prayer – sent out a newsletter every two weeks so that you are able to pray more specifically for Pais.
  • Monthly prayer and fasting days – for one day each month we join with the twelve other Pais nations to fast and pray for the work across the world. We would love for you to join us!

If you think you may be able to help with any of the above, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.