Money Without the Worry

Do you ever find that there’s more month than money? Find financial jargon hard to understand? In debt? Wonder where all your money goes? Do you know how you’re going to manage in retirement? Are you working to a plan for your future?

If money issues ever make you feel a little bit uneasy, confused, or stressed-out then you need to join us for ‘Money without the Worry’!

In this three week course on personal finances we will show you how to take control of your money, move forward financially, and plan ahead for the future.

The course open to everyone aged 16 plus but we particularly want to engage with those of you in your 20s and 30s.

If you’re struggling a little, then we’d love to help you. But this course isn’t just for those finding things tough financially. It’s for everyone who wants to learn and develop their personal finance knowledge and skills.

Registration is just £10 per person or £15 for a couple and, if you are a couple, we strongly recommend that you both attend together—even if that means arranging childcare.

You can register at and pay the course fee at Reception on any Sunday or on arrival at week one of the course.

Check out the video to hear what some previous participants have made of it.