Luke 24v13-35: The Road to Emmaus

Two men, both had spent time with Jesus, who knows what they had seen and heard? Miracles, the greatest teaching humanity had ever heard. They had been swept up with the momentum, the whisper had become a roar, Messiah is here! The Saviour, the long awaited one, the fulfillment of the promises was here and was establishing his Kingdom but now, it was all over, or so it appeared . . .

As they were trudging away from the scene of disappointment, Jesus had already risen! Could it be that for us in this season where there appears to be defeat and dread and disappointment all around us that the King has already Risen and is on the move?!

A stranger then joins their conversation and asks them what they are discussing. As they walk and talk and share doubt and frustration this stranger listens and asks questions and begins to reveal the arc of scripture that was always bending toward the Messiah coming not in a glorious revolution but as a suffering servant, not as a warrior but as a sacrificial lamb. As these two disciples have their minds opened they begin to get excited and wonder who this stranger is; He breaks bread and disappears from their presence and they realise it was Jesus! They have met the Risen Christ!

What I love in this passage is that Jesus meets us in our doubt, He meets us in our pain, our disappointment, our anger and our frustration. And when He meets with us He often comes in unexpected ways. Jesus wants to meet with us, not just to give us goosebumps or warm fuzzy feelings but to walk with us, to strengthen us for the journey, and to equip us with the right questions.

Today Lord Jesus, come and meet with us in our pain, in our doubt, in our disappointment. Jesus, open our hearts, open our minds, help us to see that the arc of history is bending toward resurrection, to new life, to life in all its fullness. May we today meet with you, walk with you, hear your voice and know your presence, in Jesus name.