John 21 v 1-17

In this encounter, Jesus meets His disciples on the beach and cooks them breakfast!

I love the humanity of Jesus! The Source of all Life, the Creator of the Universe, the One who had just conquered sin and death meets His closest friends on the beach and cooks them breakfast.

Right now maybe you can’t spend time with friends and family having meals but you will, we will meet again.

Maybe you can remember a time when you had a meal that wasn’t just about the food you ate but the conversations that you had. These kinds of meals don’t just feed our bodies but they nourish our souls. Jesus wants to have breakfast with us. At the heart of Christianity is the belief that the God of the Universe embraced humanity by becoming human and in His humanity He meets with us and eats with us and talks to us and listens to us. In this moment maybe you could imagine yourself as one of those disciples, sat by the fire having breakfast with Jesus. What would you ask him? What would He ask you? What would the topic of conversation be?

Later Jesus turns to Peter, the disciple that days earlier had denied three times that he even knew Jesus. In this conversation three times Jesus asks him the question “do you love me?” These three questions and Peter’s three answers of “Yes, Lord, you know I do”, are Jesus’ reinstatement of Peter. If you’ve ever felt far from God or even if you’ve let him down then know this, you can be restored, redeemed, reinstated.

Peter declares his devotion to Jesus and Jesus then urges Peter to show his devotion by caring for His followers. This week, demonstrate your devotion to King Jesus by caring for, feeding and nurturing others.

Jesus wants to meet with you, He wants to serve you breakfast. He wants to hear you and for you to hear Him. He wants to restore you. He wants to see your devotion worked out in your love for others.