Our most recent series has been taken from the beginning of the book Philippians as Paul is in prison but is still united in spirit with the believers in Philippi.

Despite the distance and the isolation, despite our inability to gather physically, we are UNITED!

We are united as family, united in suffering, united in challenge as well as in breakthrough. We are united by the Spirit of the Living God who fills us with power and we are united in purpose. We can be united by experiencing God’s peace and God’s presence. We can be united in freedom and united in love.

Let us follow the example of Christ and be united in humility, in a deep love for each other as we serve one another and lift each other up.

Who can you reach out to this week? Who can you lift up? How can you express solidarity and unity to others, particularly people who are different to you?

Let us continue to be united to Christ and United to each other in Christ.

God, the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, we thank you that you are unity and diversity displayed in perfect harmony. We pray that we would walk in step with your example, that we would be united with you and reflect you to the world around us, for your Glory God, Amen.